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Over the last few years Sales Image has created a very effective type of advanced training called SI Sales Coaching. The basic process has been around for some time but we have developed it extensively for various sales applications and industries in a way that gains exceptional proven sales results.

Who can benefit from Sales Coaching?

Almost anyone within an organization who is in a customer service role, internal sales role, retail sales role, or external B2B direct sales role can benefit immensely through the application of tailored sales coaching. The training & development needs are assessed on an individual basis by a highly experienced sales coach who will then design and apply tailored training sessions for the individual, and then assess the individual progressively through the coaching sessions to ensure that the learning objectives are being achieved. The Sales Coach builds a close relationship with the individual assisting them every centimetre of the way by working closely with them to reach their full potential.

How does it work?

If a person does not have all the necessary customer service or sales skills to perform their role effectively then they need to be trained to a benchmark standard. Some individuals may have the skills but have difficulty in applying them on the job, it may be caused by a number of factors but most of them come back to two main categories. The person is either having difficulty due to an unwillingness to apply the skills or they have gaps or missing links in their minds hindering them from applying the skills to the job effectively. SI Sales Coaching addresses all these issues by direct on the job sales coaching. This means time is spent on a one to one basis in a coaching role teaching the individual not only the skills but how to adapt them to on the job for maximum results.

Why is the individual development so effective?

It recognizes the individual’s current skills level and the on the job training presented in the coaching role is tuned to the individual’s needs, this is the optimum for training experienced adults to a specific role, results are proven, measurable, and strong.


Mentoring is about advising and counselling managers and in some instances more senior staff, unlike training and coaching which teaches the skills required, mentoring uses established skills sets to guide the developing manager to being able to systematically analyse problems and find workable solutions.

With mentoring it is the case of the mentor guiding the developing manager, the manager being the person who may have the skills but may lack some of the required experience to find workable solutions with the mentor being highly experienced and able to guide the developing manager towards the potential solution by sign posting the way or working with the manager to find the workable solution.

Over the years we have completed many assignments with various Managers from a wide variety of business assisting them to achieve their company objectives by working closely with them on various company projects to successfully find tangible, workable, solutions that benefited their company objectives and results immensely.

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