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Sales Image is a recruitment agency who acts on behalf of clients/employers who are seeking staff for jobs they have available or coming available in the very near future. If you are seeking employment and would like to register your Curriculum Vitae or Resume with Sales Image for future employment positions then please complete the following instructions...

Firstly we will require your Curriculum Vitae or Resume in Microsoft Word® Format to expedite entry into our system, please do not send it in any other way.

Then please read our Privacy & Anti-Spam Policy so that you are in agreement for Sales Image to maintain your personal details.

In your email please provide basic contact details so that we may contact you for potential employment discussions in case your details are not current in your Curriculum Vitae (CV) or Resume and a covering letter detailing a list of potential positions that you feel your skills may be suited for along with whether you are seeking a full-time or part-time position. Then to email your application please click on and attach your CV or Resume before sending.

Should a position become available that suits your skills and experience we will contact you for further discussion. There is No Charge for you as an individual seeking employment or to register your CV or Resume. Sales Image charge a recruitment fee to the employer if your application for a position is successful.

Please Note: Your personal application details will be maintained confidentially in our system until you request us, in writing, to remove them or after five years, whichever comes first. All care will be taken to keep all personal details confidential and will only be used by Sales Image management and staff in the delivery of their duties and services. Your details will not be forwarded to potential employers without your agreement.


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