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We believe that when it comes to recruiting sales & marketing staff and managers there will be few companies who have the knowledge and expertise in the sales & marketing areas to be able to select the right staff for you the first time...we are Sales & Marketing Specialists.

Sales Image are business development strategists and sales trainers who design and deliver tailored sales training across a wide variety of industry and have been doing it for over 20 years. This is why we say with greater confidence that no other company can be as exacting in the selection of your sales & marketing staff and managers as Sales Image. Many recruitment agencies are generalists or do not specialize in the sales & marketing areas, that is why we can outperform many recruitment agencies for the selection of sales & marketing staff and managers and why we believe we are the right first choice.

All applicants are fully screened, skills checked, references checked, and reports on the comments of referees included in the applicant's prospectus. Performance Guarantees are provided as well...your insurance policy. Quality curriculum vitae's, resumes, and sales style indicators - where applicable are provided with our final applicants.

When considering whether to use a recruitment agency for the selection of your sales & marketing staff, please call us and we can show you why it is the right investment to use Sales Image, please call us on...07 3273 7044.


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